Our Future Vision & How We Plan to Achieve It

The mission of the North Shore Forest Collaborative is to revitalize and maintain a healthy and functioning ecosystem along the North Shore of Lake Superior with emphasis on restoring and maintaining native trees and associated forest communities.
The Collaborative is a coordinated effort between local, state, and federal land management agencies as well as public and private organizations and individuals who want to work together to assure a healthy forest environment.
Coordination, communication, collaboration and shared resources are the philosophy that binds this initiative together.

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2014 North Shore Landowner Workshop presentations

Who Owns North Shore Forests and Why Should Private Landowners Get Involved?

Overall public land ownership in Cook and Lake Counties exceeds the 85% however, along the Lake Superior Highway 61 corridor, private land ownership is about 75% - almost the reverse of the overall County ownership patterns!

This means that the forest lands we see as we drive the North Shore are primarily the responsibility of private land owners.

A significant goal of the NS Forest Collaborative is to assist private land owners with technical assistance, funding, and cooperative projects as strategies are developed for forest restoration.

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Healthy Forests = Healthy Communities

Lake Superior's North Shore Coastal Forest is a landscape of outstanding scenic beauty, high value natural resources, and incredible recreational opportunity; it is the basis of the North Shore economy and lifestyle.
For those who live here and the thousands of people who visit the North Shore each year, nuturing a healthy forest is critical to the sustainability of this unique and special place.
The North Shore Forest Collaborative was formed in the interest of promoting a healthy forest ecosystem for today and generations to come.

Coordination of the NSFC is funded by the Lloyd K. Johnson Foundation.

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