Who We Are

North Shore Forest Collaborative Participants

NSFC participants can include any organization that has management, assessment, or regulatory function within the area or any entity or individual that is interested or owns land within or near the collaborative area.  Some members may be landowners and/or represent other landowners; in addition, these participants should also provide expertise to aid the function and work of the collaborative. Currently, participants include:

· Cook County

· Lake County

· Landowners

· MN Land Trust

· MN Forest Resource Council



· Natural Resources Conservation Service

· Sugarloaf: The North Shore Stewardship


· The Nature Conservancy

· US Forest Service - Superior National Forest

· Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center

· Grand Portage

· Cook Co. Invasive Team

· Cook Co. Soil & Water Conservation Service

· Encampment Forest

· Northern Bedrock Conservation Corps

· MN Environmental Partnership

· Flute Reed Watershed

 Coordination of the NSFC is funded by the Lloyd K. Johnson Foundation.

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