Our Mission & Issues

The mission of the North Shore Forest Collaborative is to revitalize and maintain a healthy and functioning ecosystem along the North Shore of Lake Superior with emphasis on restoring and maintaining native trees and associated forest communities.

The Collaborative is a coordinated effort between local, state, and federal land management agencies as well as public and private organizations and individuals who want to work together to assure a healthy forest environment.

Coordination, communication, collaboration and shared resources are the philosophy that binds this initiative together

Planning Area

The planning area for the North Shore Forest Collaborative is roughly the Highway 61 corridor beginning at Knife River and continuing to the Canadian border. The boundary is loosely defined for the inland extent and can be adjusted to address projects as required by geographic or natural characteristics. Issues


Dying Birch, blow-downs, invasive species, deer browse, and ice storm damage are among those issues impacting our forest resources and presenting challenges to healthy ecosystems along the North Shore.

Organizational Documents:

Mission, Goals & Objectives 


Background Ecology and Current Trends

North Shore Forest Collaborative brochure

Coordination of the NSFC is funded by the Lloyd K. Johnson Foundation.